Wreath Making Supplies

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So many customers have emailed requests as to where we purchase ribbon, wreaths, moss, and just about any other item you can think of that goes into one of our special wreaths.

 It is very hard for someone who does not have a sales tax ID number to purchase supplies at reasonable prices, so I have been on a mission to find very reasonably priced supplies for my customers.  As these come in, I'll be adding them to the Wreath Making Supplies section of my website, and will be making them available to you in my store.







Our Special Easels Have Been Designed and Custom Made Especially for Ladybug Wreaths.  You must have one of these if you are going to be making many wreaths.

There are holes drilled in the top section with pins which you can move up and down.  These are adjustable according to the size wreath you are working on.

They'll make wreath-making a BREEZE!



 This is For Those of You Who Have Attempted to Make a Wreath Laying Flat on a Table, or Counter… or Even Hanging on Your Door Covered With Drips of Glue….  This One is For You!!



After having two new easels built for me and finding out how WONDERFUL they are, I decided to offer them for sale and my dear friend has agreed to make more of them to sell. When I first purchased my business years ago, we made wreaths lying flat on the work counter and had to keep picking them up to see how they looked. Then one day, after seeing a broken easel lying around, decided to put a nail in the top, lean it against my counter, and felt like I was in heaven. I could really see my wreath while working on it.



  1.  The easel I am offering to you is a newer, updated version and once you use one, you'll never want to try making a wreath any other way!!!
  2. It is sturdy, lightweight, and made of Swedish white wood.
  3. The dimensions are: 66" tall, with a cross member that is 24" across.
  4. It has a back leg that is hinged and fully adjustable to change the angle of the slant.
  5. There is a triangle of wood in the top which is 5 1/2 " tall which has pre-drilled holes and two metal hanging rods. With these adjustable rods, you can change the height so as to made for easy access to many different size wreaths.
  6. Some very simple assembly is required: all holes are drilled and can be put together with a screwdriver for the screws and by hand for the carriage bolts.
  7. It folds perfectly flat for easy storage.
  8. You can take my word for it – these easels are absolutely marvelous – you'll never want to make a wreath any other way again.


 This Easel Comes Sanded And Can Be Used Just As It Is, Or Easily Painted!







The Pictures Below Are Just a Few Samples of Our Ribbon Selection…

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 Our Wide Selection of Ribbon is Growing Weekly!

If you need ribbon for your single, double, and triple ribbon bows, I have many which go together so well.  These ribbons look GREAT in wreaths, and wall baskets.  Are you into crafts?  Have you noticed how expensive ribbon is in your local craft and hobby stores?  And then, when you get home, you notice that it is thin and flimsy, and you also find out that sometimes there is only 3 yards on a roll – or if you're lucky, maybe 10 yards. 

Some of my ribbon rolls have 25 yards on the roll.  Do you know how far that will go when making large and medium size bows?  You can get 5 pretty good size bows out of a roll…. and that is if you aren't making a double or a triple ribbon bow.  When you mix ribbons, you don't use nearly as much of each color.  

All of my ribbon is very well made.  It is wired, and is offered in an array of colors.  There are so many arts and crafts projects available now which require ribbon.  I know you'll be very happy with the feel and texture of the ones that I carry in my store!






These Wild Birch Wreaths are what I use as the base of every single wreath I make… with the exception of Christmas!  Once you use one of these, you'll be spoiled and will never want to go back to the old grapevine wreaths anymore!





Twelve Inch Wild Birch Wreath

Fourteen Inch Wild Birch Wreath



Sixteen Inch Wild Birch Wreath

Eighteen Inch Wild Birch Wreath



Twenty Inch Wild Birch Wreath

Twenty-Two Inch Wild Birch Wreath



 Hand-Tied Wild Birch Wreaths Made Exclusively For Ladybug Wreaths!

I am selling the exact same wreath that is used in all of my finished creations!  These special wreaths are made of "wild birch" and "wild beech".  These are used exclusively as the base of every wreath I design.  Each wreath is wrapped around every stem, and is not tied in any way.  There are many birch sticks which radiate out from each wreath sometimes in a circle, and sometimes just some coming out the top and the bottom.  Since this is a hand-made natural product, each and every one turns out very different.  But I've never had one that didn't make up just beautifully!

A young mother, who lives in the hills of Kentucky, Twila, makes them and personally drives 8 hours each way to deliver them to me.  I have been buying from her for over fifteen years now!  I took a picture of her one day as she made a delivery to me.  Here she is with one of many trucks she has worn out driving such distances delivering her wreaths.


You can see that on this trip it looks like her truck is filled to overflowing!  Well… you won't believe it, but I have seen it twice as full with wreaths and wall baskets tied even to the top of the cab to get them here.

She has practiced, and worked very hard to come up with a wreath shape and style which is my BEST SELLER!!

I believe in this trip, she brought me three different styles of wall baskets, so we could decide which would be the best to ship and put door arrangements in.  I probably had about four or five different sizes of wreath also.  Believe it or not… she doesn't like to ship them, she had rather make the drive.  She says it gives her a chance to get out of the house by herself and enjoy the countryside.

Thank you Twila!!