Here is a sample of a "Special Wreath" Designed by LadybugWreaths



Our "Wild & Woodsy" wreaths are so special!  They are different from any you will find anywhere else!  We incorporate nature into each and every wreath in such a way that makes then look as though it belongs outside with the birds (real ones) perched on their nests and feeding their young!


There is a weathered, rustic bird house nestled into this wreath very securely!  It is resting on three XL (preserved) sponge mushrooms!  As you can see, there are many loops and curls of freshly harvested honeysuckle vine which are also holding and accenting this cute old bird house!



Red Birds and Ladybugs are plentiful!  The Ladybug is a symbol of "LadybugWreaths" and we hide one somewhere in most all our wreaths.  There is one thing for sure…LadybugWreaths LOVES our "Critters"!  You can also see from the picture above many red berries along with clusters of purple berries.




Bows made by our Ladybug Designers are very full and beautiful!  We use many yards of quality, wired ribbons with many loops and curls!  We also have a very different way of using our ribbons by filling each bow flowers, berries, and greens tucked throughout.

And…speaking of "greens", I'm sure you must have noticed ours by now!  We always use a huge mix of greens in each and every wreath we design.